Reno Home Prices Increasing Dramatically… Yes, True… However

RenoHomebuyer LogoSo an interesting article was published recently by the RGJ.  The article was about our local housing market and what the average median home price is currently between Reno and Sparks.  For those of you who are interested in reading the full article, I will post it here on this blog, but the short and skinny of it was Reno’s median price being sold was $306,000 while Sparks median price was $280,000 and increasing based off of March statistics.  I am sure many of us are in a panic as most family’s household income can not support buying these values.

But before you go into full blown panic mode, I can attest that the average Northern Nevada home prices our team has been closing, are below the reported median prices.  I recently did a survey on all of the home purchases The Reno Home Buyer Team closed in the last 3 months.  Our average is $263,000.

So what I am saying is, the homes that we are putting family’s into are any where from $180,000 to as high as $330,000.  So the lower priced homes are still available in our market, you just need to pair up with the right Real Estate agent who knows the market, and knows how to put the right offer together to get it accepted when you do find these properties.

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